Wired to the World. Part 1

Using the internet

Global access comes cheap these days. My access to this powerful global network costs me about $6 an hour….I spend about $40-50 a month on the Internet. Given the high speeds at which I access the network, a message to Moscow will cost me less than a penny. All I use is one of my PC’s, a modem, software known as UUPC, and an account through a commercial Internet provider.

Creating my own expert network for the on-line research field was simple. After deciding that I needed to draw upon global expertise in the field of on-line research, I established a publicly accessible Internet based mailing list. I then began to publicize it around the globe via messages to various people and computer conferences. As word of the list began to spread, people from around the world sent messages asking to join the list.

Any individual belonging to the list can send a question to all other members; there is a spirit of cooperation that drives our global information sharing. If I help someone out today, they are likely to help me out tomorrow.

Significance of the internet

Some people are starting to characterize the Internet, described as the world’s largest computer network, as the most significant human communications development since the printing press, telephone and television. March 1993 saw more than 35,000 corporate, research, academic and government networks linked together, with each network representing hundreds or thousands of individual computer users.

“Companies are registering on the Internet at outrageously exponential rates, with about 120 requests per day by commercial entities, ranging from Fortune 500 companies on down” states Anthony Rutkowski, Vice President of the Internet Society and the Director of Technology Assessment for Sprint International. “It is doubling in size every nine months.”

What is significant about the Internet is that it is indicates individuals and companies want to freely exchange information around the globe. During the Russian revolution in 1990, Internet connected networks were used as a means of rapidly distributing information coming from President Boris Yeltsin’s office in the Russian White House, while Chinese students used the network to distribute information globally during the Tianneman Square crisis.

In these ways, the Internet is starting to affect global events in the ways of CNN. Scientists active in planetary exploration now acknowledge that the Internet is a faster vehicle for the distribution of knowledge and updates in their field than any other medium.

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