Where Have All the Nurses Gone

Thinking about becoming a nurse? The good news is that there will almost always be a job out there for you. But if you’re in need of a nurse, that is another story. The shortage of nurses in the United States is becoming critical, and recruiting efforts are fiercely underway.

The nursing shortage in the U.S. has become such an issue that unbelievably, many nursing schools are seeing a need to recruit potential nurses in elementary school.

Some of the reasons nurses are dropping out of programs:
Low pay
Long hours often involving pulling double shifts
More duties and paperwork being put on nurses
Not knowing what time they will be allowed to leave a shift
Increased patient loads
Having to work holidays

Although the nursing profession can be rewarding, many recruiters are making it look like the dream job to schoolchildren. They are providing the school classes with nursing coloring books and pamphlets along with having nurses speak at the school. This is a great way to recruit future nurses but children should also be made aware of some of the negatives.

Nursing work:

For instance if you work a 3 to 11 shift, at the end of that shift you are tired, so tired in fact that you can hardly hold your head up. The dreaded phone call comes in. The 11 to 7 nurse cannot make it due to the flu or a child with the flu.

You think you’ve contacted the flu yourself and can’t wait to get home and take some medication and go to sleep. But, you can’t leave just yet. No matter how bad you may feel, you have to get on the phone and try to find a replacement for the 11-7 nurse. If you can’t and you most likely won’t, you are elected to pull a double shift.

Nursing jobs:

By the year 2020 experts have predicted a shortage of nearly one million nurses nationwide. Of the 2.6 million licensed nurses in the U.S., 35 percent have given up their career. One thing is for sure; nurses will never have to worry about finding a job. When factories and other large corporations are laying off employees, you as a nurse can always find work.

There are many different aspects of nursing: hospital nurse, nursing home, doctor’s office, clinic and home health work.

Nursing homes:

Over the years the middle aged and even older ladies who enjoyed being a nurse’s aid have retired. A younger generation of aids has taken their place and they seem to come and go as fast as a streak of lightning. There is a serious shortage of help in nursing homes. So serious, that many nursing homes are to the point of hiring whatever walks through the door and asks for a job.

Nursing homes are desperate for good care for their patients and hire workers in good faith. But, many times the new aide will turn out to be just passing time. They are there to collect a paycheck, not do the job. It is hard for the nurses to get them to perform their duties the proper way, and many times they quarrel and feud among each other. Then, they split up into two groups, and what you have is not a team of nursing aids working together for the good of the patient, but you have two teams ready to brawl in the hallways. This not only happens among the aids but the nurses as well.

Requiting Strategies:

Many hospitals and nursing homes are offering a sign-up bonus anywhere from $500 to $1,000 or more. Along with that some are offering assistance for part-time college students to further their nursing career. Some even pay for the complete program. Perhaps with the proper information, more people will be interested in the rewarding career of nursing.

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