The Pine Tree Balancing Act

In biological beings, balance is the sole feature that can guarantee satisfactory functions. One’s quality of life is basically determined by how he or she balances out the dynamics of the surroundings.

The body-and-mind dilemma, as it is in some schools of Western philosophy, shouldn’t cause any setback to Tai Chi practitioners. In Tai Chi, the body and the mind are inseparable. The most appropriate analogy for this special balancing act is probably the pine tree. A pine tree is evergreen.

It doesn’t resist the wind, the rain and the sun. When the wind blows, the tree bows only to flex back to its old straight standing self effortlessly. The leaves never change color; they simply dry out and die when the time comes.

No part of the tree is separate from the tree itself. Without its leaves, there won’t be a pine tree nor without the branch or all the molecules in it.

Tai Chi Chuan can help one discover the true inner humane self. When one reaches this, which is called chi, or the Ultimate Force, it is said the balance of life is attained. Now let’s examine whether your life is imbalance.

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