Elena’s Journal

Sharon and Armand, I am sorry, but, because of all that’s going on in my life now, I’ll need to withdraw from the Four Get Fit program. I have learned a lot from you both. Thank you for your help. (more…)

And Baby Makes Three, Part 1

Kim Zacher, 26, is already anticipating the day she’ll be navigating the worlds of work and children. That is why she visits the work/life balance and “preconception” areas of Babycenter.com — where she has met with support and validation from other moms and moms-to-be. And that is why she is considering sticking with a 30-hour-a-week job as a child and family therapist with a mental health agency instead of going full time, which would provide far more benefits. And that is also why she and her husband just moved from Portland, Ore., to a small town south of Seattle — so they could be near both their families and the support they will provide. “There are at least 50 Zachers within 30 minutes of us. There is no way we would have kids and not be around our families,” she says. All this, and, “We aren’t even pregnant!” (more…)

Waiting Out a Flare: 20 Ways to Occupy Your Time

Keeping active is always our goal, but now and then we get slammed with the kind of flare that demands rest. But pain-filled hours drag slowly…and what can you do when you’re couch-bound? Here are 20 pain-free activities that will cheer you up and help the time pass quickly…