Sibling Rivalry What Can Parents Do? Part 1

At dinner each night, Alyson O’Mahoney’s two children, Ryan, age 6, and Emily, age 2, sit in each other’s seats at the table. And each night, this action erupts into battle.
“He hit me,” Emily cries. (more…)

Dean Wareham’s Legacy

As frontman for Galaxie 500 and then Luna, Dean Wareham has given us several albums of reasonably witty songs, ambling guitar work, and a handful of pop gems. Here we consider his covers and argue that they will comprise his legacy.

Dean Wareham has made a career of coupling unhurried guitar solos with reasonably intelligent, tongue-in-cheek lyrics. After three albums and Kramer’s invaluable assistance in creating the Galaxie 500 sound, Damon & Naomi released sporadically and Mr. Wareham formed Luna. Since 1992′s debut LP Lunapark, Luna has released a number of albums and EP’s, as well as contributing songs to a few prominent compilations. (more…)