Sex: Twice In One Week

This may go hand in hand with the results of the previous article posted concerning results of a study in Wales. That one dealt with the health effects of having sex on middle-aged men. (Editor’s note: we do not mean to imply that sexual acts were performed using middle-aged men as a piece of furniture. (more…)

Now that the Ultimate Post 2

I always thought, “Why do I need to pay someone to yell at me to do sit-ups?” I was doing 500, but I was doing them wrong.Where and how do you fit fitness in? It’s much lower on my list of priorities. I can’t just go off on my bike. I have to get creative. Sometimes I’ll go to the local college and I’ll run around the track with Lily in the jogger while Erik rides his bike. I like to include my children in my exercise. It’s teaching them good habits, and I get the benefit of having fun with them, so I forget that I’m exercising. (more…)