Knowing Your Members’ Minds. Part 1

You know about your members’ bodies, but what about their minds? It may not surprise you that understanding what your members are thinking is just as important as understanding their bodies.Some say understanding who your customers are and what they want is the most important task in business. (more…)

Put a lid on attrition with you computer. Part 4

Until recently, many of the software systems could only hold a few fields of information, and data had to be coded to reduce the amount of space it occupied. Now, you can enter the name of an event/program in members’ files and access the members’ names or membership numbers to track their participation since joining your facility. Imagine the power that you will have in phone conversations with members you know all about! (more…)

Put a lid on attrition with you computer. Part 1

Make use of your computer system to manage member-retention programs.

According to statistics in Potentials in Marketing (a marketing trade publication), 9.2 million U.S. businesses spend about 75 percent of today’s marketing dollars in a futile search for more and new customers. (more…)

The collapse of dot coms shouldn’t mark the death of innovation. Part 2

It was a completely useless Web page, but it captured the imagination of the world. And it proved that fresh thinking could result in innovative ways to draw people to a Web site. And yet it is that type of fresh thinking that few people will want to try in today’s period of doom and gloom.