When Latex Attacks. Part 2

“Cornstarch by itself is toxic to humans,” Edlich said. “When it absorbs the latex protein, it becomes a powerful vehicle for latex allergies.” (more…)

Weight-Training Injuries

Americans are increasingly becoming aware of the health and fitness benefits of lifting weights, but weight training may come at a price. The number of injuries caused by weight training has increased sharply since 1978, especially in older adults and young children, according to study findings published in the July issue of The Physician and Sports Medicine. (more…)

Poisons are Hazardous to your Health

Each year over 2 million reported cases of accidental poisoning are registered in this country. Over half of these poisonings are in children under the age of 5 and 1 in 10 results in death. Since most of these events are preventable with careful planning, it should be a primary goal in the education of new parents. Here are some basic principles of prevention and management that should be reiterated for all of us. (more…)