Eric Farell

Eric Farell is the founder of Eric Harr Omnimedia, a media company leveraging four platforms – television, publishing, athletic events and the Internet. In his first year as a triathlete, he won “Rookie of the Year.” He has been ranked as high as number 6 in the world, winning 25 events in 22 countries around the world.

This summer, he will co-host a 13-part documentary series that breaks new ground in sports programming called “Building a Champion: The Inside Secrets of the World’s Best Athletes.” In this show, he and Olympic Champion swimmer Dara Torres travel the globe to train with the world’s best athletes and glean their innermost wisdom on fitness. Viewers are then directed to a Web site that provides up-close interaction with their athletic heroes.

Eric recently signed a book deal with Random House (Broadway Imprint) for a new fitness book that will be available in bookstores May 1, 2001.

His Web site, The Athlete In You, has won five Internet awards including, “Netscape’s Site of the Day.” His new fitness store offers visitors a different shopping experience – with personal expert advice on top-rated fitness gear.

Eric is also a correspondent for the Bay Area’s second largest newspaper, “The Marin Independent Journal,” and he appears periodically on KFTY News Channel 50′s “Fitness Friday” broadcast to 480,000 Bay Area households each week.

Eric was recently featured in The San Francisco Chronicle.

His new book “The Portable Personal Trainer” (Random House) will be available in bookstores in June.

Elena’s Journal

Sharon and Armand, I am sorry, but, because of all that’s going on in my life now, I’ll need to withdraw from the Four Get Fit program. I have learned a lot from you both. Thank you for your help. (more…)

Weight-Training Injuries

Americans are increasingly becoming aware of the health and fitness benefits of lifting weights, but weight training may come at a price. The number of injuries caused by weight training has increased sharply since 1978, especially in older adults and young children, according to study findings published in the July issue of The Physician and Sports Medicine. (more…)

Fitness Predictions For Health Clubs

The new fitness trends for health clubs feature more personalized training, a variety of workout options and business services for members (CNN, Feb. 7, 2011). Health clubs will offer a large variety of equipment, pools and spas, running tracks, weights, and personal coaches and trainers. (more…)

Proper Stair Climbing Techniques

A stair climber can be an excellent way to build endurance and improve leg strength, but it must be used properly. It is an aerobic workout that does not put stress on the joints. It can be used by people of all ages and fitness levels and is often recommended for rehabilitation after reconstructive knee surgery.


Now that the Ultimate Post 2

I always thought, “Why do I need to pay someone to yell at me to do sit-ups?” I was doing 500, but I was doing them wrong.Where and how do you fit fitness in? It’s much lower on my list of priorities. I can’t just go off on my bike. I have to get creative. Sometimes I’ll go to the local college and I’ll run around the track with Lily in the jogger while Erik rides his bike. I like to include my children in my exercise. It’s teaching them good habits, and I get the benefit of having fun with them, so I forget that I’m exercising. (more…)