For stretching calves and hamstrings. Lats and shoulders also. Good for Carpal massage i.e. palms and wrists. At the present time, we have no video for this exercise. (more…)

Elena’s Journal

Sharon and Armand, I am sorry, but, because of all that’s going on in my life now, I’ll need to withdraw from the Four Get Fit program. I have learned a lot from you both. Thank you for your help. (more…)

Fitness Center Management Past to Present

Originally, fitness centers emphasized their exercise apparatus. It was a place where individuals could go to use the latest in fitness equipment. The advent of refined weight stack machines made resistance training increasingly appealing to a wider range of people. Varied types of aerobic exercise came to be offered, as well. Soon after came an increased attention to staffing. (more…)

What about Going Backward

In a gym, you’ll see people pedaling backward on a stationary cycle or walking backward on a stepper in attempts to target different muscle groups or to increase the intensity of their workout. The same holds true for elliptical trainers, as most commercial models allow the user to go forward or backward. (more…)

Get Your Kids Active Today

Johnny comes home from a long day of of school, grabs some cookies and a coke, and plops himself in front of the tube. After watching television, he plays his favorite video game. Johnny takes a break for dinner and then works on his homework before he goes to bed. (more…)

Now that the Ultimate Post 2

I always thought, “Why do I need to pay someone to yell at me to do sit-ups?” I was doing 500, but I was doing them wrong.Where and how do you fit fitness in? It’s much lower on my list of priorities. I can’t just go off on my bike. I have to get creative. Sometimes I’ll go to the local college and I’ll run around the track with Lily in the jogger while Erik rides his bike. I like to include my children in my exercise. It’s teaching them good habits, and I get the benefit of having fun with them, so I forget that I’m exercising. (more…)