Wired to the World. Part 2

Intercompany communications

Corporations are discovering that the Internet is an increasingly useful tool to establish communication channels to their business associates. IBM, which linked its internal e-mail system to the Internet in 1990, has seen dramatic growth in communication s to the outside world. Howard Funk, a technical assistant with IBM Corporation in Armonk, NY, estimates that Internet bound message traffic is growing at the rate of 15% per month, effectively doubling usage every six months. As of March 1993, over 23,0 00 users were sending upwards of 350,000 messages to customers, trading partners and others via the Internet, an astounding rate of growth. The current exponential growth curve for the Internet shows the number of users surpassing the human population in about 2003, although the growth rate is expected to start to slow down somewhat in the next few years!