Watch the Water You Drink

What you drink really affects your health. We hear on TV we should drink eight to 10 glasses of water a day. Do you think they mean tap water? (more…)

A How-to Guide to Icebiking

While most folks snowshoe the backcountry, soak in hot springs or hibernate by the fire with unfinished books and a cupboard of cocoa, John Andersen and Dave Rose laugh at the Snow Meister’s work and hit the white on two wheels. (more…)

Feeling Whale-ish. Part 2

I waddled up to the counter and began looking in earnest. A fancy gold Citizen number caught my eye. Flashy, but not garish, it called out to me. The saleswoman removed watch after watch for me to try on. Finally, something pretty and petite that FIT. What a concept! The poor woman must have thought I was insane as she witnessed my glee. I still wear it to this day. (more…)

A Natural Approach to Pain and Inflammation, Post 3

* Remove “fibrin”, the clotting material that prolongs inflammation.

* Clear up edema (excess water) in the areas of inflammation.

* Counteract chronic, recurrent inflammation, which can be a primary cause of chronic degenerative joint disease. (more…)

Is Meridia Right For You Post 2

Every pound you lose is a step in the right direction. And every step in the right direction may improve your overall health.

If you are overweight, losing 5% -10% of your initial body weight may reduce health risks. (more…)