Steve’s Journal: Week Eight

Dear Sharon and Armand,
Well, I made a small step in the right direction diet-wise (and it was St. Patty’s week!) I’m still not strict enough on the snacks and grazing habits and the parties were tough.

My back was sore early in the week, however I worked out two times at the end of the week. I did 30 minutes of cardiovascular, sit-ups and 25 bench presses.


Sharon’s Reply
Another pound gone this week! You continue to eat a lowfat diet — with a few M&M’s thrown in — I’m impressed you counted them!

You could certainly use more fruit and vegetables in your diet. How about orange juice in the morning, grapes with lunch, and carrots and celery sticks to munch on? The bulk of your calories are being consumed from 5 p.m. on. This could backfire and slow down your weight loss efforts.

Could you please describe what type of soup you eat?


Armand’s Reply
What kind of cardiovascular exercise did you perform? If your back was bothering you, certain types of activities are better suited than others. For instance, recumbent cycling, walking in water, etc. Even though you like jogging as an exercise choice, some low-impact alternatives would probably be a good idea. Not that you can’t jog, but just intersperse some low impact workouts during your training.

Also, are you performing your stretches? Stretches No. 1 and 2 of the “Basic 10″ can really help a sore low back. Next week, try to give me more specifics on your workouts — the more information you provide, the better feedback I can give.

Thanks. Take care of that back!

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