Short-Term Personal Training

Your members may benefit from personal training, but many of them may not be able to afford the high cost, or they lack the accessibility to attend weekly sessions. Instead of losing business, you can offer members short-term personal training services that are accessible and affordable. Short-term services can be offered from two weeks to six months that include six to ten sessions. Prices can range from $300 to $500 total, which is much more affordable than $150 a week for life.

Trainers should determine the objectives and goals of their clients and design exercise programs that will equip them with the information and knowledge that meet their needs. In general, clients should know strength-training exercises for each muscle group, proper techniques for each exercise, when to lift heavier weights, when to perform more sets of an exercise, and how to progress beyond the basics. Trainers should also play the role of active teacher, giving clients as much information as possible and assigning exercise homework in between each session.

While cost may be one concern of your members, accessibility may also hinder members from long-term personal training. Many members may not have the time to meet trainers on a regular basis for a long period of time, so short-term services can be beneficial. Other fitness enthusiasts stay away from personal training because it inhibits their independence. These members may be attracted to short-term personal training that gets them started on an exercise program, but then gives them the freedom to continue the program on their own. Novice exercisers can also benefit from training, learning the fundamentals and how to use machinery without the intimidation of learning on their own.

In addition, offer your members the option of short-term follow-up training services if they reach a plateau or become bored with their current exercise routine.

Our people promise our clients the high quality of this prescription drugs and service. Our goal is to keep you strong at accessible costs. We look forward to serving your love one, you.

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