Physical Education in Homeschooling

When homeschooled children won first, second and third place in this year’s National Spelling Bee, America took notice. For years, though, children educated by their parents have been quietly garnering prizes in disproportionate numbers. They’ve placed in prior years’ spelling bees, the National Geography Bee, Odyssey of the Mind, National Science Competitions, and music, essay, and academic competitions beyond counting.

While the numbers support the impact of homeschooling on academic excellence, how do the homeschooled score in fitness and physical activity?

“We Don’t Track Homeschoolers”

Homeschoolers meet the fitness challengeA home education publication reports that homeschooled students earn The President’s Challenge for Physical Fitness Award, the gold standard in PE achievement in the United States, in greater proportion than does the school population at large. Jeff McClaine, spokesman for the President’s Challenge, can’t confirm that, though. “We don’t track homeschoolers,” he told FitnessLink.

That the President’s Challenge doesn’t track homeschoolers provides a hint: scarcely anyone else does, either.

Through an Internet bulletin board, we spoke with a score of home educators around the country. They confirmed the absence of state or local regulations and the dearth of written plans, programs, and guidelines. Said Shelley in North Carolina: “I have been winging it as far as PE is concerned. I have not received any help or suggestions from the state. My state does not appear to have any requirements for PE for the elementary and middle school.”

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