Learning to Access Your Creativity

The site gives advice for increasing your creativity, such as studying books or attending courses on creative thinking. You could keep a daily journal throughout the day of whatever occurs to you throughout the day, and then review the journal each night. You should partake in relaxing activities. You should be interested in a wide range of subjects and cultural influences. Try things you haven’t tried before.

Don’t work so hard. If you’re exhausted, you can’t be creative.

The Mozart Effect
There are some people who claim that listening to classical music improves your creativity or your intelligence. This is another example of a quick fix, of someone wanting to do something very easy that will make you the way you want to be. It reminds me of a diet pill. The most extreme form of this view is the Mozart Effect which claims that infants exposed to Mozart become geniuses.

Directed Creativity
Creativity is important to solving problems. Directed creativity is trying to look at an old problem in a new way.

If you’re trying to solve a problem, and you reach a sticking point, it could be because you are making some assumption about the type of solution that need not be made.

Look at each stage of the problem, and think, “Am I making an assumption here?” Look at each point of the previous failed solutions, and think “Is there another way of doing this?”

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