Have a Little Chocolate For Your Heart’s Sake

For years all I heard was that chocolate candy wasn’t good for me. Now the experts have changed their minds and decided that chocolate can actually be good for the heart.

Research finds chocolate has substances similar to those in red wine, tea, fruits and vegetables. What are they?

Antioxidants. Yes those wonderful cell-protecting antioxidants are found abundantly in chocolate. Regular chocolate has 400 milligrams of antioxidants, which is the equivalent of a glass of red wine. Dark chocolate has twice as much.

Believe it or not, chocolate is also an anti-cholesterol food. It is better than vitamin C at detoxifying the LDLs in our body. In fact, dark chocolate actually raises good HDL cholesterol, which helps prevent strokes.

There is more good news. Chocolate antioxidants are as good as aspirin in reducing blood platelets and their stickiness that causes clotting and triggers heart attacks and strokes.

Chocolate’s antioxidants are called procyanidins. They relax vessels by increasing the chemical action of nitric oxide. So wow! We can put a moderate amount of chocolate back into our diets and be healthier.

Isn’t chocolate the reason so many people are fat? Well, the Swiss eat twice as much chocolate as we do and they have the lowest obesity rates. Okay, maybe it’s scaling up and down those Alps that keeps them thin. I don’t know, I’m just reporting the findings and enjoying a Hershey’s chocolate bar.

Where is this research done? None other than at Harvard and The University of California.

And what about a chocolate bar’s sugar, doesn’t that effect our blood glucose levels? Well, here goes what you won’t believe, but it’s true. Chocolate affects blood glucose to the same degree as oatmeal. Now put down that ten-pound box of chocolates! I’m talking moderation here. About three regular size bars of chocolate a week MAX! You can also have hot chocolate or chocolate cake, but not all at once.

Remember the rule of moderation.

So who paid for this research? Well, you can guess that the answer is the chocolate industry. But, reputable scientists at Harvard and the University of California completed the research.

So, don’t be afraid to eat that chocolate and be healthy!


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