Get Your Kids Active Today

Johnny comes home from a long day of of school, grabs some cookies and a coke, and plops himself in front of the tube. After watching television, he plays his favorite video game. Johnny takes a break for dinner and then works on his homework before he goes to bed.

Does this scenario sound all too familiar? With school back in session, it is common that kids spend less time being active. With getting dinner prepared, doing the laundry, signing permission slips, and all the other odd jobs life entails, your kids “active time” is not usually the top priority. By sneaking in ways to get your children’s heart going, they can get their recommended daily amount of exercise while still having fun. Here is a list of helpful ideas to you and your children to make exercise more enjoyable:

* Weekend family bike rides are always fun and enjoyable. Pack some lunch along and have a picnic in the park. Give kids a chance to play on the swings and slides before biking home.

* Pack some trail mix and water and get ready to hike. Peninsula State Park in Door county offers beautiful scenery along their assorted hiking Trails. Another bonus: There are also bike trails and bike rentals available.

* For families with a spacious backyard, croquet may be the answer. It is a fun and challenging game for the whole family. With being conveniently located in your backyard, you will not have to go far.

* Getting fast food for lunch? Lace up your rollerblades and blade there. Even better, bring your fast food to the park and play while you eat. You will be burning calories before, during and after lunch.

* Buy a couple of jump ropes, blast some tunes, and start jumping. It is a great cardiovascular exercise that makes hearts and endurance stronger.

* If you do not have a jump rope, another fun activity is hopscotch. With chalk and driveway or sidewalk, you can create an arrangement of hopscotch you are familiar with. Allow your kids to be creative and have them make up their own hopscotch board.

* Make yard cleanup this spring a family event. It will make less work for you, while getting your kids active. Fall leave clean-up can be the same. Letting them jump in the piles will make it more fun. You will not want to forget your camera for this.

* Instead of finding time to mow the lawn, teach your oldest child how to (they should be at least eleven years old). Usually, if you offer them a couple of dollars, they are happy to do it.

* Ever thought that stilts were just for clowns? You may want to think again. Walking on stilts builds muscle tone and strength. It is a fun activity that children (and adults) find challenging.

* A friendly game of basketball is the perfect way to break a sweat and have fun. A game of horse or pig is another alternative.

* Get your rackets and tennis balls together and head to the courts. Have your kids bring their friends and play tournament to find out who the best tennis player is.

Now that you have more ideas, get your family together for some quality time and exercise; you will be building memories while having fun.

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