Feeling Whale-ish. Part 2

I waddled up to the counter and began looking in earnest. A fancy gold Citizen number caught my eye. Flashy, but not garish, it called out to me. The saleswoman removed watch after watch for me to try on. Finally, something pretty and petite that FIT. What a concept! The poor woman must have thought I was insane as she witnessed my glee. I still wear it to this day. It’s special because it reminds me of the beginning — those precious moments I felt my baby growing inside me. It has gotten a little less sparkly, but no less special.

There are many ways to enjoy your pregnant body all the way until the end of pregnancy. I have been through three pregnancies now and managed to make it through all three without too many “Why am I doing this again?” moments. As my body grew along with the baby inside it, I tried to focus on the positive and not worry too much about the me in the mirror.

What can you do for yourself when you are pregnant to make yourself still feel beautiful and womanly? If shopping for clothes has got you down, never fear. Now is the time to accessorize! Watches, earrings, and scarves — they all still fit.

Another fun thing to shop for in those last few weeks of pregnancy is an outfit to come home from the hospital in. I picked a comfy pair of stretch pants and long shirt for each of my pregnancies. It wasn’t maternity wear, but it did allow me the comfort of a stretchy waist!

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