Equipping Your Facility. Part 2

The Internet. Ordering equipment online may seem risky, but it offers one clear advantage over other methods: current tax laws provide loopholes that can save buyers money. If the equipment is not manufactured in the state where you arebuying, you do not have to pay sales tax. For a $5,000 treadmill in a state with 8 percent sales tax, you can save $400 by buying online. “If price is part of the equation, and it almost always is, then the Internet makes sense,” says Rory Musselman, a consultant with Corporate Fitness Source in Wayne, Pa.

Consultants. You may also consider hiring a consultant who knows about the industry and knows what’s being featured at other clubs in the area.

Number of pieces

The first step in deciding what fitness equipmentto buy is to figure out how many pieces you need and how many can fit in the available space. If you are remodeling or building a new facility,space is also a function of membership. Stauble recommends that developers start by asking, “How many members am I going to get?” Space availability, he explains, is really a member question.

According to Stauble’s formula, each gym member requires 1.5square feet of space. If a start-up club wants to attract 5,000 members, it would require a 7,500-square-foot floor. (This equation alsoworks conversely: Divide yoursquare footage by 1.5 to determine how many members your club can accommodate.) Each station, such as a treadmill, should be allotted 50 square feet. A 7,500-square-foot facility, therefore, could feature 150 stations. For a sample gym, Stauble breaks this number down into 50 cardio pieces, 90 strength-training pieces (half selectorized, half plate-loaded) and 10 core training pieces. According to Musselman, facilities that aremuch larger should add unique programming to their options, rather than stuff their gym with equipment.

Musselman recommends a three:two:one ratio for cardio equipment. He says that if you can buy six pieces, you should choose three treadmills, two elliptical trainers and one bicycle. If you need 12 pieces, simply double these numbers. If you can accommodate at least 24 pieces of equipment, other pieces to consider include stairsteppers,climbers androwers.

A flat improvement just like kitchen remodeling it is a successful and great way to add cost to your house moreover upgrade a room that your family see and use each day.

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