Elena’s Journal

Sharon and Armand, I am sorry, but, because of all that’s going on in my life now, I’ll need to withdraw from the Four Get Fit program. I have learned a lot from you both. Thank you for your help.

This week, I got a little tripped up by the annual arrival of the Girl Scout cookies. There’s something about that “once a year” mentality that is very dangerous. Once I realized what I was doing and thinking, they were easier to avoid.

I have noticed that I am eating more vegetables, and it isn’t quite the effort that it was at first. This is a change I will continue to improve upon. I will also work to make sure I get more exercise into my routine, especially now that things are getting more stressful. Although it seems like a hassle fit it in, once I’m exercising I feel great and can better deal with whatever I need to.

Thanks for all your advice and for the opportunity to participate in Four Get Fit!

Sharon’s Reply

Hi Elena,
Well, you have lost 15.5 pounds. It looks like you’ve improved your diet with more veggies and fruit, less fat, and more reasonable portions. The food record is a tool that you can use in the future. If your eating seems to be out-of-control, start adding up your calories and fat grams again.

With all the disruption of a move, it will be easy to fall into the take-out or fast food routine. If you must, still try to make the best choice based on fat and calories. Sometimes just eating a smaller sandwich or splitting a serving with someone can save you calories.

Be careful that the stress and excitement of moving doesn’t send you to the candy jar or Girl Scout cookies. Remember the rule of two. Take only two small pieces — anymore more than that won’t taste any better.

It was nice getting to know you, and I am proud of your hard work here. Best of luck with the move and keep all of our tips in mind!


Armand’s Reply

You are right in saying that once you start exercising you feel great. Now you have to set yourself up to be motivated on a regular basis to exercise. If you stick with it long enough, your body will come to welcome it!

Despite the stress involved with the selling of your house, you still managed to get in some decent exercise. Perhaps you shouldn’t be so tough on yourself. An “all or nothing” approach to exercise will not lead to success.

Don’t throw in the towel just because you can’t exercise as much as you’d like. Do what you can to maintain some momentum and, in time, when things slow down on the home front, you can pick up the frequency.

As you leave the program, remember to keep active throughout the day as much as possible — even when structured exercise is on the back burner. General physical activity is very important to health and fitness.

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