Watch the Water You Drink

What you drink really affects your health. We hear on TV we should drink eight to 10 glasses of water a day. Do you think they mean tap water? (more…)

The Pine Tree Balancing Act

In biological beings, balance is the sole feature that can guarantee satisfactory functions. One’s quality of life is basically determined by how he or she balances out the dynamics of the surroundings. (more…)

The 50 Foot Arc of Impulse

The most valuable part of your gym is the first 50 feet from the door. The arc of impulse, approximately 50 feet in radius, stems from the entry door into the club. This is the most valuable real estate you rent or own because every member has to pass through it every time they enter and leave the facility. (more…)

Rainbow of Hope

Memphis-based St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital’s online catalog provides another convenient holiday shopping site that benefits young children with catastrophic illnesses. (more…)

Sibling Rivalry What Can Parents Do? Part 2

Further, while parents may wonder how much sibling rivalry is acceptable, the real question, according to Sorensen, is how distressed do your children have to be before you pay attention to their feelings? (more…)

Sibling Rivalry What Can Parents Do? Part 1

At dinner each night, Alyson O’Mahoney’s two children, Ryan, age 6, and Emily, age 2, sit in each other’s seats at the table. And each night, this action erupts into battle.
“He hit me,” Emily cries. (more…)

Going –°orporate

In developing the Business Partnership Program, LifeQuest wanted to find a way to provide a top-of-the-line membership program to small businesses with minimal cost to the club or program participants. The program targets businesses that are interested in promoting health and wellness, but are too small to afford a wellness program. (more…)

Where Is the Line? Post 2

In my search for healing, I have had to learn not to blame myself for what happened when I was a child. I wasn’t responsible for another person’s actions. I didn’t make them hurt me. I didn’t deserve abuse. No one does. I had to learn that I don’t need to be ashamed of what was done to me. I’ve learned that I have no reason to feel guilty. I’m not the one who committed a wrong even though that is what I was told. (more…)

Where Is the Line? Post 1

Where is the line between justice and revenge? For those of us who are victims of abuse, there is a need to speak out. First (at least for myself), I have learned not to keep secrets about my past tucked away inside of me. They hurt me and that’s a bad thing. Second, sometimes by talking about what has happened to me and what I have learned, I am able to help someone else. That’s a good thing. (more…)

Have a Little Chocolate For Your Heart’s Sake

For years all I heard was that chocolate candy wasn’t good for me. Now the experts have changed their minds and decided that chocolate can actually be good for the heart. (more…)