Equipping Your Facility. Part 3

Type of facility

Before purchasing equipment,DeMars advises owners toask themselves, “Who am I trying to attract to my facility?” A gym that caters to bodybuilders, for example, will focus on strength equipment, while a fitness facility that is more mainstream will need to feature more cardio. Treadmills have the widest appeal, but elliptical trainers are a close second, according to Musselman, who says members are preferring elliptical trainers over stairsteppers. (more…)

Time to Relax and Pamper Myself…….ahaha

What is Day Away? This is one day a month when those in our local Chapter of the MS society are pampered and get to share the fellowship of others who suffer with this hideous disease.

I thought I would share a bit about my week. Wednesday was mine to enjoy it was my day off. I am lucky enough to belong to an MS Society chapter that offers a program called Day Away. (more…)

A Dream or a Visit from Beyond the Grave?

I had a very strange experience a month or so ago. I am not sure if it was just a dream or if it was a connection of some kind with the beyond. Let me start off by saying that I rarely remember my dreams. Maybe two or three times a year I awake and recall a dream, so it is a very rare occurrence.

Remove Toxins by Using Foot Detox Patches

Advertisers sell detoxification as a mandatory technique for rejuvenating the body’s immune system. You can’t argue that toxins aren’t everywhere. You will more than likely pursue this yourself, when you discover that you can reap the benefits of self detoxification. Health product manufacturers are now selling products that combine modern technology with various traditional Asian medicine practices, like reflexology, crystal therapy and herbalism, making detoxification products more commonly available. Detox patches are the easiest tool for detoxification that is available. (more…)

The New Day of Infamy. Part 2


I, on the other hand, am ready to sign up, darn socks, nurse soldiers, and intercept codes. But it is not that kind of war. It is a war against an elusive, multiplying agent—an enemy, which has imbedded itself in nearly every strata of societies worldwide. And so for the time being, there’s nothing more to do than pray for those who have lost their dear ones and to pray for wisdom for our leaders as they go about exercising the proverbial “arm of justice.”

And make no doubt about it. Those who abet and perpetrate these acts, directly or indirectly, must be brought to their knees, not merely dragged into a courtroom or targeted with a few ineffectual Patriot missiles. And this must happen no matter how unsettling the reality. Even if those found ultimately responsible were previously thought allies, even if their existence serves some geopolitical interest, even if, God forbid, they are sitting on vast oil reserves. This is not the time for Munich-like appeasement. Not the time for psychoanalyzing madmen. And certainly not the time to worry about stepping on foreign toes when U.S. appendages are at stake.

For the first time in our lives, our generation must consider drastically altered future—futures where more than mere personal advancement and careers will be considered. We are contemplating nothing short of war. And it is a sobering prospect for us. We, who grew up in a gilded age. We, who were unchallenged for so long. No more.

For the moment, the terrorists are victors. They have used our own technical expertise and planes to wreak havoc on us. We must now demonstrate the superior strength of our national will. The famous clash of civilizations rears its ugly head. But ours, not theirs, must triumph. While they have free access to our society (even in our tragedy, we staunchly protect all citizens’ civil liberties) theirs are closed societies, homogeneous societies, artificially “pure” societies. I am confident they will fail. But only if we are diligent, comprehensive, unified, and determined in our plans for total justice.

It’s clear that America has some major reassessing to do. The insouciant, laissez-faire 1990s are officially over. President Bush recently declared that the “First War of the 21st Century” had begun. He is right.

The New Day of Infamy. Part 1

Last Monday evening, my mother and I were sparring over how many toiletries to pack. By Tuesday morning, the whole world had been upended.

At 7:30 am, my brother barged into my room. “Bree, it’s Aunt Jan on the phone. Wake up! A plane crashed into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon!”

I stumbled out of bed and took the phone. “Turn on the TV,” she barked. I raced down the hall to the living room. Dan Rather’s placid voice narrated the scene as balls of fire burst from the north tower. Within minutes, the total destruction of the twin towers. Then part of the Pentagon collapsed. No. I’m screaming, shaking…this can’t be happening. The explosions are too perfect, too surreal, too other worldly.

Across the country, many in my generation—for the most part coddled 20-somethings—are in shock, numb, sick to our stomachs. With the telephone circuits overloaded Tuesday, we communicated by email. We shot off platitudes (“our innocence has been shattered,” “things will never be the same again”) to each other as quickly as our Hotmail accounts would allow.

It only took an hour online to account for nearly all my New York and D.C. friends. All except my best friend, that is. She lives in Battery Park, just blocks from the World Trade Center and works on Wall Street. She was likely on her way to work when the first collision occurred. I cannot get through to any of her numbers. I spend a day frozen in worry. Around 7pm Tuesday, however, another friend reaches her mother. She’s fine. She took a ferry to Staten Island, her mother says.

The courageous, lovely Barbara Olson was not so lucky, however, nor was a professor from my own alma mater Georgetown. No, no, no. I do not want it to be so. I want to rewind this awful movie and return it to Blockbuster.

It is fortunate I’m in Oregon and not D.C., my relatives tell me. But in the Pacific Northwest, the outrage is not so palpable. As one high school friend says, explaining her lack of connection to the tragedy, “I’ve never even been to these cities.”

..to be continued..

Symptoms of Clinical Depression. More Information.

Could You Fit the Definition of Being Clinically Depressed? For More Information Read This Article!

This article discusses the symptoms of clinical depression as well as how to detect whether you have this ailment or not.

When discussing clinical depression, one important point that must be discussed is that it includes a number of quite contradictory symptoms. As an example, the inability to fall asleep or sleep all night is associated with depression. This is commonly known as insomnia. On the other hand, a depressed individual may suffer from “hypersomnia” or sleeping too much.

Another distressing symptom of depression is the loss of your appetite. However, it should not be mixed up with anorexia which is an ailment distinguished by a twisted view of one’s own body. An anorexic who is in actuality extremely thin, looks at herself as being obese. It is essential to note the difference between lack of appetite and anorexia. This is another situation that illustrates the contradictory nature of depression symptoms, and that is that a depressed person commonly develops into an over-eater.

Frequent episodes of crying or sobbing can also signal depression. When this happens, it is critical to recognize that the crying and sobbing has nothing to do with a sorrowful life experience like the passing of a loved person. In this instance, it is not atypical for the clinically depressed individual to really not know what he or she is crying about.


In a sane, rational world there would be no need for health education and information
We could go to our doctor and received unbiased up-to-the-minute information on ALL KINDS OF THERAPIES.
Unfortunately at this time in our evolution this is not the case.
The huge Medical/Pharmacartel are determined to protect their PROFITS NO MATTER HOW MANY DEATHS THAT MAY CAUSE. (it would be called genocide if the truth were known)
In spite of this fact millions of people pass the responsibility for their healthcare to their doctor and expect that they will be looked after. The truth is that today’s doctor is not able to give unbiased advice because his/her living is dependent on ‘following the herd’; it is not possible for a doctor to recommend anything other than the standard treatments (no matter how ineffective they may be) and keep his/her job. It is not possible for anyone in cancer ‘research’ to do anything other than chase the impossible silver bullet treatment, otherwise he/she will be out of a job. The funding will stop. So, unless a doctor or researcher is guided by his/her heart rather than their bank balance there is no chance that there will ever be a successful cancer treatment.
A recognised successful treatment has been available since 1834 and a new scientifically based treatment was recorded in February of this year. So the treatments do exist to ELIMINATE CANCER AND HEART ATTACK AS ‘KILLER DISEASES.
The question is how many people know about these treatments and how many are prepared to stand up to their Consultant or Oncologist and say (what I had to say) NO THANK YOU.
(Statistically you will live longer with NO TREATMENT than you will with the Treatment of Choice)
How many people can listen to the dire prognostications from their ‘specialist’ and say ‘Sorry, it’s not for me. I’ll take my chances. If I am going to die I will die whole rather than in pieces. I’ll die with dignity. I’ll trust that a power far greater than me will guide and protect me. I will not accept an operation that removes parts of my body. I will not submit to chemotherapy which destroys my immune system and leaves me defenceless against germs and viruses. I will not submit to radiation treatment which CAUSES CANCER. No thank you. If it’s my time to go I’ll go out the way I came in, whole and holy, and if I choose to, I will seek other opinions and take advice from an unbiased source. I will reclaim my right to look after my own body in any way I see fit.
How many will stand up for themselves?
Bonairegreatescape exists to help those people who are looking for an alternative. They may already have been ‘written off’ by the medical establishment.
Bonairegreatescape exists to help those people whose bodies have been ravaged by chemotherapy and/or radiation and STILL WANT TO LIVE.
Bonairegreatescape exists to help those people who believe that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure and seek to protect their health and their family’s health from the ravages and toxins of modern living and substandard food.

Bonairegreatescape will provide information and education to everyone by working at a ‘grass roots’ level, door-to-door if necessary to make sure that everyone understands that there is a choice. If, after receiving this information, they decide to follow the treatment of choice then we will support them in mitigating the ravages of their treatment so that they can increase their chance of survival in spite of the treatment.

Bonairegreatescape will use advertising, publicity and public relations to make the Natural Treatments for Cancer, Heart Attack, Stroke, Diabetes, Osteoporosis, Asthma, Arthritis and excess weight public knowledge so that everyone will be able to make an informed choice, rather than determine their healthcare based on fear and the threat of death.