When Latex Attacks. Part 6

According to Great Britain’s National Health Service Research and Development Directorate in Oxford, England, a protein in some fruits (particularly avocados, bananas, chestnuts and kiwi fruit) can cross-react with latex, causing false positive test results. (more…)

When Latex Attacks. Part 5

“The American Latex Allergy Association provides literature, information and personal support to individuals or groups,” she explained. “Many affected individuals have no idea that our organization exists — they believe that they’re alone with this problem. But nothing could be further from the truth. The support network for latex allergy sufferers is already large and it’s growing.” (more…)

When Latex Attacks. Part 4

Type I reactions typically involve several systems of the body, including the skin. In Type I reactions, the antigen/antibody response results in the release of histamine, leukotrienes, prostaglandins and kinins by the body — chemicals that can precipitate serious allergic symptoms ranging from a runny nose to death. Adkins outlines five stages of symptoms typical in Type I latex reactions: (more…)

When Latex Attacks. Part 3

Other individuals at higher risk include children with spinal bifida or other conditions requiring frequent surgical intervention, or people of any age with an allergy to a latex-like protein in some foods, especially bananas, avocados and chestnuts, and to a lesser degree, apples, carrots, celery, papaya, kiwi, potatoes, tomatoes or melons. (more…)

When Latex Attacks. Part 2

“Cornstarch by itself is toxic to humans,” Edlich said. “When it absorbs the latex protein, it becomes a powerful vehicle for latex allergies.” (more…)

When Latex Attacks. Part 1

State highway patrol officer Daniel McGurdy noticed the skin on his hands and forearms was sometimes dry and crusty. It didn’t happen often — just when he donned rubber gloves at a bloody crime or accident scene. (more…)

How Are Cold Sores Diagnosed?

Cold sores are usually quite easy to diagnose. There are a number diagnostic tests available, of which the most common is the Tzanck smear. This test can be done in the physician’s office and the results are available in minutes. (more…)

Wart Prevention

Of course, nothing fights warts like prevention. Since warts are transmitted in a moist environment, Dr. Jay LeBow, director of the Foot Center at Mercy Medical Center in Baltimore, Md., recommends that you wear water shoes when walking around swimming pools or using public showers, or in your home shower if a family member has a wart. (more…)

And Baby Makes Three, Part 2

But today she is so grateful a friend suggested she read “Wishcraft — How to Get What You Really Want,” and “Live the Life You Love,” both by therapist and career counselor Barbara Sher. For Stebel, it was a turning point. In doing the exercises in the books, she realized she wanted not just a family-friendly employer, but really wanted to change careers, as well. An English major in college, she decided she would be happier doing some form of business writing, just the kind of job she could one day do from home. (more…)

And Baby Makes Three, Part 1

Kim Zacher, 26, is already anticipating the day she’ll be navigating the worlds of work and children. That is why she visits the work/life balance and “preconception” areas of Babycenter.com — where she has met with support and validation from other moms and moms-to-be. And that is why she is considering sticking with a 30-hour-a-week job as a child and family therapist with a mental health agency instead of going full time, which would provide far more benefits. And that is also why she and her husband just moved from Portland, Ore., to a small town south of Seattle — so they could be near both their families and the support they will provide. “There are at least 50 Zachers within 30 minutes of us. There is no way we would have kids and not be around our families,” she says. All this, and, “We aren’t even pregnant!” (more…)

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