Fitness Center Management Past to Present

Originally, fitness centers emphasized their exercise apparatus. It was a place where individuals could go to use the latest in fitness equipment. The advent of refined weight stack machines made resistance training increasingly appealing to a wider range of people. Varied types of aerobic exercise came to be offered, as well. Soon after came an increased attention to staffing. (more…)

Bruce’s Journal Week Four

Last week was not a very good one for my health. I spent most of my time at work, sometimes staying until one or two in the morning. The late schedule prevented me from going to the gym and made my food choices impulsive. The food at work, though plentiful, doesn’t always fit within a healthy diet, especially since they started stocking Soft Batch Chocolate Chip cookies. (more…)

Key Success Factors

Each department head, and certainly the club’s general manager, should have three to five key “drivers” for their position. Hopefully, if successful with these factors, the business will dramatically improve. These factors will change from year to year. For fitness directors, the following are examples of what they may focus on: (more…)

What about Going Backward

In a gym, you’ll see people pedaling backward on a stationary cycle or walking backward on a stepper in attempts to target different muscle groups or to increase the intensity of their workout. The same holds true for elliptical trainers, as most commercial models allow the user to go forward or backward. (more…)

Lunging Into Aerobics

An aerobics class may never look or feel the same if a LifeQuest Fitness invention continues to grow in popularity. The new Lunging Poles, designed to enhance lower-body workouts, are the hottest thing going at LifeQuest’s Charleston, S.C., facilities, says CEO Wayne Caparas. (more…)

Proper Stair Climbing Techniques

A stair climber can be an excellent way to build endurance and improve leg strength, but it must be used properly. It is an aerobic workout that does not put stress on the joints. It can be used by people of all ages and fitness levels and is often recommended for rehabilitation after reconstructive knee surgery.


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