Learning to Access Your Creativity

The site gives advice for increasing your creativity, such as studying books or attending courses on creative thinking. You could keep a daily journal throughout the day of whatever occurs to you throughout the day, and then review the journal each night. You should partake in relaxing activities. You should be interested in a wide range of subjects and cultural influences. Try things you haven’t tried before. (more…)

A How-to Guide to Icebiking

While most folks snowshoe the backcountry, soak in hot springs or hibernate by the fire with unfinished books and a cupboard of cocoa, John Andersen and Dave Rose laugh at the Snow Meister’s work and hit the white on two wheels. (more…)

Recognizing and Changing Traditional Beliefs

“A diamond is a chunk of coal that makes good under pressure.”

Did anything or anybody irritate you today? Chances are, your answer is a resounding yes! Do you want to reduce your stress level caused by annoying people and circumstances? Of course. When people are stressed, they overreact and are less effective handling annoying people and circumstances. (more…)

Wall Hanging for Baby’s Room

What you’ll need:
Styrofoam trays
Finger paints
A large piece of felt or other fabric
A basin full of soapy water
An old towel

Your child will enjoy making something special to hang in the baby’s room. (more…)

Get Your Kids Active Today

Johnny comes home from a long day of of school, grabs some cookies and a coke, and plops himself in front of the tube. After watching television, he plays his favorite video game. Johnny takes a break for dinner and then works on his homework before he goes to bed. (more…)

Reality Bites

How many divorced couples do you know? Probably quite a few. And how many of them were remarried when their scrumptiously cute twin daughters plotted to get their parents’ new lovers out of the way to make them fall in love all over again? (more…)

Nub and Estep Make News in Different Ways

I suppose if lived anywhere but Avery County these days, I would be going through political withdrawal by now. We’re waiting until Thursday to find out when we’re going to have our next set of elections, so everything has kind of been on hold these past couple of weeks. However, that doesn’t mean that nothing has been going on in the political realm.


Finding an Asset Management Account

An Asset Management Account is an all-in-one account that conveniently combines a checking account with a money market fund, a credit or debit card and a brokerage account.


A Day in the Trip of a Disney World Commando 2

No problems through a queued security station at the Studios…I have no bags! No time for even a waist pack; contact drops and wallet are all the necessary equipment. A walk-on for Tower of Terror, another for Rock ’N’ Roller Coaster…this may be a commando’s paradise, but there are always ways to cut corners, always a way to pick up those extra rides at the end of the day, so I keep the pace as swift as I can.


A Day in the Trip of a Disney World Commando 1

MickeyIf you have never seen a WDW “commando” in action, you will be amazed at what one can accomplish. Maybe this touring style is not for everyone. But it is definitely an exciting way to spend a day at WDW.


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