Knowing Your Members’ Minds. Part 4

Piercewarnsthat if you hire a facilitator, itcan get expensive — as much as $1,500 to $2,000 a day. Instead, you may want to use a college intern or a staff member who has studied focus groups. The key is preparation and knowing what you want to get from the group. (more…)

Knowing Your Members’ Minds. Part 3

Hitzelberger and her employees gathered the feedback through a suggestion box placed near the facility’s entrance, andsimply asking those who turned down memberships why they did so. “We also make sure our employees are ‘allears’ when they’re on the floor talking to our members,” Hitzelberger says. “It’s amazing what you can learn just by listening to members’ conversations and what they say around the club.” (more…)

Knowing Your Members’ Minds. Part 2

However, for those who can’t find usable data, good, inexpensive options for market research do exist. One of the easiest ways to capture member thoughts is via surveys, either on yourwebsite or in yourfacility. It isn’t, however, the most accurate research option, because experts say certain people are more likely to respond to surveys.Usually,those who do are either very pleased or displeased with the business, but most people likely lie in between. (more…)

Knowing Your Members’ Minds. Part 1

You know about your members’ bodies, but what about their minds? It may not surprise you that understanding what your members are thinking is just as important as understanding their bodies.Some say understanding who your customers are and what they want is the most important task in business. (more…)

Put a lid on attrition with you computer. Part 4

Until recently, many of the software systems could only hold a few fields of information, and data had to be coded to reduce the amount of space it occupied. Now, you can enter the name of an event/program in members’ files and access the members’ names or membership numbers to track their participation since joining your facility. Imagine the power that you will have in phone conversations with members you know all about! (more…)

Put a lid on attrition with you computer. Part 3

Based on the findings and success of Wallace and Miller, an alternative to the retention formulas mentioned above is to look at the average length of membership and try to extend that within your facility. Using your computer (if you keep expired records on your computer), examine the contracts of your expired members and determine the length of their memberships. (more…)

Put a lid on attrition with you computer. Part 2

The International Health, Racquet and Sportsclub Association (IHRSA) uses the following formula to track retention:

Attrition (percent) = [Number of members lost during a given period (year/month)] รท [number of members at start of same period] x 100. (more…)

Put a lid on attrition with you computer. Part 1

Make use of your computer system to manage member-retention programs.

According to statistics in Potentials in Marketing (a marketing trade publication), 9.2 million U.S. businesses spend about 75 percent of today’s marketing dollars in a futile search for more and new customers. (more…)

Personalize it

Revolution or not, most news providers-again mimicking the development of the Web-are thinking only in terms of repurposing content rather than creating new content specifically for handheld devices. As it evolves over the next year or two, however, most publishers say that thinking will change.


Tune in a little on-line diversion

If you’re like many employees, you are probably in a situation where your personal computer has recently been upgraded.

So you’ve got a new high-end PC that features all the latest and coolest multimedia features, and a fast connection to the Internet. Speakers sit on either side of your monitor, and are most often silent.


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