Bruce’s Journal Week Four

Last week was not a very good one for my health. I spent most of my time at work, sometimes staying until one or two in the morning. The late schedule prevented me from going to the gym and made my food choices impulsive. The food at work, though plentiful, doesn’t always fit within a healthy diet, especially since they started stocking Soft Batch Chocolate Chip cookies. These were a favorite from my youth and, though I hadn’t had any of these for years, once I saw them at work I just could not resist. They were as good as I remembered, and I ate a lot of them. It would have been terrible except that they were so good and almost worth the 14 grams of fat per four cookies.

I feel a bit lazy for not making it to the gym, but this weekend I went camping and was almost constantly involved in physical exercise. I walked the ranch, hunted, fished, rode horses and played whiffle ball. I only sat down to eat or talk beside the campfire. It was a rigorous weekend, but the food, beer and other calorie sources may have been a little excessive. Actually there is no “may have been” about it.

However, I do not look down upon myself for my neglect or excess. I plan to put in my time at the gym and make healthier choices this week.


Sharon’s Reply
Hi Bruce,

You managed to keep food records while working till 2 a.m. You even lost another pound, in spite of the Soft Batch cookies. What a tough temptation at work when you are feeling hungry and stressed and want to be nice to yourself. Are the cookies readily accessible? Can they be made less visible? They may prove to be a constant temptation to all.

You have been choosing good sandwiches with less fat. Also, try to reduce portion size. Consider leaving some food on the plate as you fill up. Work to get more fruit instead of cookies in your diet. Your fat gram average was 37, if all was recorded.

I am glad you are still motivated and committed. You don’t have to eat perfectly to lose weight.

Armand’s Reply


I like how you use the rowing for your cardiovascular workouts. Rowing is an overall body workout that is not only great for your cardiovascular system and to burn calories, but also can strengthen and tone the upper body muscles. To row for 30 minutes continuously is quite impressive. How do you feel at the end of your rowing?

As far as weight training for your upper body, what weights and reps are you doing? Are you maintaining strict form on all of the movements? Remember, quality is more important than quantity, both for effectiveness and safety.

The camping sounds like it was both active and fun. That’s the best type of recreation! For this week, I would like for you to get in at least four cardiovascular and three weight-training sessions, followed by the stretches.

Get to the gym, Bruce. You can do it. Good luck!


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