Bride in White

The beginning of wedding dreams for many brides starts when they are little girls, fantasizing about their ‘prince’ and creatively playing the role of ‘Cinderella.’ The fascination of having a wedding of your own can sweep you off your feet, but you’ve got to prioritize your time and activities.

Most brides experience a great interest in exploring the wedding history of their ancestors. Certainly, it is the right moment to learn more about your family genealogy so that you can share this knowledge with your groom-to-be. Remembering the names of famous people from your family tree might impress your future parents-in-law, and this would be to your benefit since you are the one who would like to make them your future “parents-in-love.”

It can be very rewarding to spend some time together with your mother, grandmas, aunts and sisters leafing through family wedding albums and memorabilia. Having precious get-togethers with these loved women who you trust, might inspire you to do special projects for your wedding celebration. If you could chat with your grandma about her wedding secrets, she would likely spark ideas you never even thought possible. It also may enable you to find a place in your family more clearly than ever before.

Between creating unique invitations, making endless lists, thinking of the best photographer, searching for the most beautiful wedding dress in the world and writing love notes to your future husband, you have to give yourself the gift of time. Try to have some open gate in your week for visits with your precious friends and chats on the telephone with your best girlfriend. Thoughts of friendship will be nurturing for your spirit because you will be sharing your happiness with others. Your friends can give you the greatest pleasure and comfort while you continue dreaming of being a “bride in white.” And your dear friends will help you to be more organized and remember to save the charming keepsakes from your bridal shower table.

If you had lived in Victorian times, you probably would have had a bride’s tea party for your friends. I think it is the loveliest tradition of the past, as it allowed the bride to express gratitude to her friends for their love and kind actions. Surprisingly, it is not a popular type of party these days.

Renaming this tradition, I would call it a “shower of friendship.” The bride would bake a sweet white layer cake, taking care to hide charms symbolizing different facets of her love, hearts, crosses, silver rings, anchors, etc., inside the cake. And before guests departed, she would give each a gift of friendship.

Unfortunately, I found out about this tradition later in my life — after my wedding. I could not have this unique occasion before my wedding. If only I could turn back the clock and dress up again as a bride in all white, then I would give myself the best bridal gifts — time, my dear friends and the best memories! When the wedding is over, you are left with nothing but memories! The appliances will eventually break, silver will tarnish and sheets will fade. After all, only your memories will last forever!!!

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