A Dream or a Visit from Beyond the Grave?

I had a very strange experience a month or so ago. I am not sure if it was just a dream or if it was a connection of some kind with the beyond. Let me start off by saying that I rarely remember my dreams. Maybe two or three times a year I awake and recall a dream, so it is a very rare occurrence.

Yesterday I was reading a few of Barbara Peacock’s “Dreams or Premonitions” articles, and I decided to write about my experience. I am doing this more for myself than for my readers. Perhaps by writing about it down, I will work through the intense emotions that it evoked within me. What touched me so much about the experience was that it centered on my mom who died almost two years ago. Up until this point, I had not dreamed of her or had any other unearthly encounter of any kind.

When I awoke the morning after this dream encounter, I immediately sat up in bed startled. My mind quickly perused my memories of the night’s activities. I had been restless, tossing and turning all night almost as if I hadn’t slept, yet I had distinct memories of talking to my mom. When I closed my eyes, I saw the dreamlike experience reply in my mind.

I was sitting on my couch in the living room right beside my mom. We were gabbing, just talking and sharing- nothing really profound. Then I consciously recalled that all night long I had been talking to mom, discussing various things on my mind and sharing my feelings with her. What kind of dream is gabbing with your dead mother all night? It had felt as if we were really talking. She talked back too! As I filtered through my memories of the night before that morning, sifting through the snippets of conversation that came to me, I fast-forwarded to the end of the experience.

My mom looked at me in the matter-of-fact way that she always managed so well, staring deeply into my eyes. I actually remember seeing her large, brown eyes with gold flecks staring back at me as she spoke the following words: “Kathi, what the hell am I doing here?” If you knew my mother, you would know that this is exactly how she would say this too.

Suddenly realization washed over me, and tears filled my eyes. I had been grieving for almost two years, trying to wish mom back so hard. I had been clinging to each and every memory so tightly. Perhaps she wants me to let go and move on, allowing her to also move on to another place. I don’t really know what she meant or where she wanted to go, but what I do know is that this sudden insight was not ill founded. I knew what I was feeling was right on the mark.

She had managed to communicate this message to me from beyond the grave. Whether it was simply my mind telling me this from my own subconscious, or it was my mom’s message I will probably never know. What I know is that I “feel” it. She was here that night. We had a wonderful visit. I think that she said good bye to me that night, or maybe I said good bye to her. In either case, the dreamlike visit had a peaceful and calming effect.

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