A Day in the Trip of a Disney World Commando 2

No problems through a queued security station at the Studios…I have no bags! No time for even a waist pack; contact drops and wallet are all the necessary equipment. A walk-on for Tower of Terror, another for Rock ’N’ Roller Coaster…this may be a commando’s paradise, but there are always ways to cut corners, always a way to pick up those extra rides at the end of the day, so I keep the pace as swift as I can.

After a screening at Muppet HQ, it becomes apparent that it’s time to give myself something to march on, something bigger than chocolate milk. Now, of the two commando staples: personal pizzas and chicken strips, chicken wins out at the Backlot Express. NesQUIK…Backlot EXPRESS, if you can pick up on the theme, it’s that food takes time, and with so much stuff to see at Disney World, the faster the fast food, the more park-time there is.

With a curbside seat secured for the Stars and Motorcars parade, I take the opportunity to relax my mind and reflect on all that I did with just over three hours here. I’ve done seven attractions, which is about half of them. Not bad at all.

Viewing the parade from where it starts is a good commando strategy. With the finale melody still lingering, I take the back route past Indiana Jones, through the boutiques, and slip out like an advanced stealth tactic, before the parade even rolls onto Hollywood Boulevard.

Second wave: Magic Kingdom. Night falls and even a commando cannot miss the shimmering spectacular that is Spectromagic. For a good seat, it’s an hour to sacrifice, but an hour well worth it. A box of popcorn fills me until I have time to have an actual meal.

Fantasy in the Sky from Fantasyland was wonderful, a perfect end to a perfect day. Fortunately it’s not the end to my day! Magic Kingdom may be closing, but Epcot is still open for another hour and a half, so with the final burst of energy for the day kicking in, I book it via monorail to IllumiNations.

I am the sole guest entering the park this late, and only have a few minutes to get to the other side of World Showcase (commando and extreme traditionalist). It’s time apply the no-nonsense physical conditioning from red phase, it’s time for some precision maneuvers. Weave left, dodge right, around the fountain, cut through the gardens, past the Beav…okay, stop for a Beavertail (every infantry has its weaknesses).

Out of breath and with much heavier eyes, the lights go down, and Reflections of Earth erupting into an explosive battlefield. Yes, I am very much awake to enjoy the show.

After a hearty meatball sub with cheese and fries, and a little bit of Toon Disney to wind down, it’s lights out all over base camp. I realize that with Animal Kingdom Extra Magic Hour tomorrow, I’ll only be able to sleep for seven hours. I don’t mind though, I have another full day ahead tomorrow to look forward to.

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