Equipping Your Facility. Part 4


Your budget should be one ofthe last things you consider when purchasing equipment, says Stauble. “You should narrow it down to two or three manufacturers, and let them compete. To come in on-budget, change the mix of equipment rather than order a line of cheap equipment that doesn’t fit your mission.” (more…)

Equipping Your Facility. Part 3

Type of facility

Before purchasing equipment,DeMars advises owners toask themselves, “Who am I trying to attract to my facility?” A gym that caters to bodybuilders, for example, will focus on strength equipment, while a fitness facility that is more mainstream will need to feature more cardio. Treadmills have the widest appeal, but elliptical trainers are a close second, according to Musselman, who says members are preferring elliptical trainers over stairsteppers. (more…)

Equipping Your Facility. Part 2

The Internet. Ordering equipment online may seem risky, but it offers one clear advantage over other methods: current tax laws provide loopholes that can save buyers money. If the equipment is not manufactured in the state where you arebuying, you do not have to pay sales tax. (more…)