Equipping Your Facility. Part 1

The equipment you select for your club says more about your facility than the decor or equipment layout. Who wants to work out in a gorgeous. (more…)


For stretching calves and hamstrings. Lats and shoulders also. Good for Carpal massage i.e. palms and wrists. At the present time, we have no video for this exercise. (more…)

Learning to Access Your Creativity

The site gives advice for increasing your creativity, such as studying books or attending courses on creative thinking. You could keep a daily journal throughout the day of whatever occurs to you throughout the day, and then review the journal each night. You should partake in relaxing activities. You should be interested in a wide range of subjects and cultural influences. Try things you haven’t tried before. (more…)


I’ve heard conflicting stories about creatine; some people say that it is effective for enhancing athletic performance, while others say that it is potentially hamful to the kidneys. What are your thoughts? (more…)

Athletes as Role Models Why They Fail

Many designated role models fail when it’s their turn at bat. A great number of quality individuals make their living as professional athletes. How do you pick out the good individuals from the good athletes? (more…)

Watch the Water You Drink

What you drink really affects your health. We hear on TV we should drink eight to 10 glasses of water a day. Do you think they mean tap water? (more…)

Short-Term Personal Training

Your members may benefit from personal training, but many of them may not be able to afford the high cost, or they lack the accessibility to attend weekly sessions. Instead of losing business, you can offer members short-term personal training services that are accessible and affordable. Short-term services can be offered from two weeks to six months that include six to ten sessions. Prices can range from $300 to $500 total, which is much more affordable than $150 a week for life. (more…)